Model with Down syndrome lands her first ad campaign

Maddy, 18, wants to change people's perceptions

Model with Down Syndrome Just Landed Her First Ad Campaign
Madeline Stuart is an Australian teenager with Down syndrome who's dream is to become a model.

The 18-year-old from Brisbane shares her passion for modelling by posting pictures of herself in a variety of outfits on Instagram, and she now has over 32,000 followers on her page.

360,000 people have also 'liked' her Facebook page, where hundreds of individuals with disabilities have thanked and congratulated her for making waves online.

As a model, she hopes to change the world's perception of Downs one step at a time. And her first major step has happened, as Maddy just landed her first ad campaign.

Big breakthrough

All her hard social media work has now paid off. Athletic clothing label Manifesta have just used Maddy for their newest ad campaign.

In the campaign she models Manifesta's new collection of feel-good fitness gear.

The label's collections don't run by numerical size. In order to promote self-love, the retailer invites you to shop based on your own unique measurements when you arrive at the website.

So this partnership between Manifesta and Maddy seems to be a perfect fit. They are both all about promoting self-love and a positive body image.

Maddy's mum, Rosanne, said that her daughter is an inspiration to others with Downs. She said: "She really wants to change the way people discriminate against disability.

"People with Down syndrome can do anything, they just do it at their own pace. Give them a chance and you will be rewarded beyond your greatest expectations."