Half of couples don't know what their partner earns

Survey finds couples in the dark over finances

Nearly Half of Couples Do Not Know How Much Money Their Partner Earns

A new survey has found that nearly half of couples don't know what their partner earns.

Some 43% of couples couldn't correctly say how much their partner takes home, according to a survey for Fidelity Investments. Of them, 10% were off by $25,000 (£16,000) or more.

Couples are worrying more about their retirement savings. Maybe they should start by figuring out how much they have saved in the first place, reports the Daily Mail.

More than a third of couples (36%) disagreed on how much money they had to invest, according to the survey.

When asked how much in savings they collectively have, or how much their partner makes in income, many couples got the answer to basic questions wrong, the survey found.

Most couples think they are communicating well

It's the latest evidence that many couples still aren't on the same page when it comes to planning their financial future, even when the majority says they're worried about outliving their savings in retirement.

In a fact sheet regarding the survey's findings, Fidelity wrote: "When asked how much they will need to save to maintain their current lifestyle in retirement, nearly half (48%) have "no idea", and 47% are in disagreement about the amount needed.

"When asked to estimate their Social Security payout in retirement, 60% of couples either don't know or aren't sure."

Despite these findings, Fidelity wrote that: "72% feel they communicate exceptionally/very well, with 97% of couples in agreement on this measure.

"In addition, most (90%) agree that starting a conversation about topics such as household budgets, savings and investments, will and estate planning is not difficult."