Shocking CCTV: Burglar drags woman by the hair

Shocking CCTV: Burglar Drags Woman by the Hair

Sussex Police are on the hunt for a violent robber who dragged a 61-year-old woman by the hair before threatening her with a hatchet and forcing her to hand over money.

Police have released CCTV footage of the incident which took place at the Pig in Paradise pub in Hastings.

The video shows a man first breaking into The True Crime Museum in White Rock, Hastings, taking several minutes using a hatchet and his feet to break down the door.

After filling his bags with electrical items, he left the museum and went to the Pig in Parade pub nearby.

Here the thief encounters a female member of staff after smashing his way through the back door of the property.

He forces the terrified woman to the floor, dragging her outside by her hair and forcing her to hand over £100.

Police appeal

Following the crime, the suspect folds his coat, puts it over his arm and leaves, forgetting the bags from the museum. The incident occurred on the evening of Sunday 14 June, reports The Independent.

Police are appealing for help in capturing the 5' 7" man, who is described as "of slight or wiry build with a lean, chiselled face."

Detective Sergeant Paul Graham said: "This was a terrifying incident for the victim and we are determined to find the man responsible.

"The man spent several minutes breaking into the museum and must have made a lot of noise. So I am appealing for anyone who was in the area and heard what was happening, or who saw a man acting suspiciously around the seafront pub entrance or the nearby fire escape access in Prospect Place before the attack."

A reward for information is also being offered by the owner of the museum.
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