Couple wears identical outfits every day for nearly 40 years

Couple Wears Identical Outfits Every Day for 37 Years

This couple brings a whole new meaning to the term 'perfect match'!

Donald and Nancy Featherstone were married for nearly 40 years, and throughout most of that time they rocked matching outfits - every single day.

The couple, from Fitchburg, Massachusetts, who were married in July 1976, began wearing the same outfits every day in 1980, inspired by a trend among young couples during Nancy's high-school years.

Donald died this week at the age of 79, but his fashionable legacy will live on with his wife who started the whole thing. They ended up with nearly 600 matching outfits.

Nancy started making shirts for her husband from scratch and she would always have left over fabric. So, naturally, she started making shirts for herself too.

After a time wearing the same shirts, she said Donald suggested matching their bottom halves as well. That was the green light for Nancy to make a whole wardrobe full of matching outfits.

Clothes organised by season

Nancy said: "Initially we matched only on weekends, but as I grew adept at making more complex garments such as jackets, sweaters and coats, we decided to go full-time with our identical look. We never needed to go clothes shopping again."

The couple ended up with four closets full of coordinated outfits! Sound a lot to go through to choose your look every day, right?

But Nancy organised all the outfits by season and occasion and hung them two by two. The first one of them to the closet in the morning would then choose what they both would wear. But what did other people think?

Nancy said: "We got lots of compliments and people who would normally walk on by stopped to talk to us."
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