Shocking CCTV shows man mowed down in street

Hit and run in Mansfield caught on camera

Shocking CCTV Shows Hit and Run Moment

Police have released shocking CCTV footage of a man being mowed down by a car in Mansfield.

The video shows a car mounting the pavement in Mansfield town centre before hurtling straight in to the pedestrian.

The footage was recorded on Leeming Street in the early hours of the morning on April 6 of this year.

The car, a dark-coloured Skoda Octavia, hits the man who ends up crashing down on to the pavement. An electrical box near the wall of a building then brings the car to a shuddering halt. But it appears to then reverse back over the man before driving off.

Nottinghamshire Police said it was "unbelievable" that the man was not seriously injured in the incident.

The victim had just left the Rewind night club in the town centre. Police believe the incident may have resulted from the man and the driver of the car being involved in an altercation outside the nearby Bowl and Hand pub.

No major injuries

The car is thought to have driven off the wrong way down Leeming Street along a bus lane before turning into Clumber Street – again driving the wrong way.

Detective Constable Kelly Holloway said: "Unbelievably the victim did not sustain major injuries and is currently recovering well.

"Had the car not struck the electric box this incident could easily have ended in tragedy."

Police are now appealing to witnesses for information about the car. Officers also want to hear from any local garages if they have had a Skoda booked in for repairs for front-end damage.

A police spokesman said: "There are people in the video who witnessed what took place. We need to hear from them so they can help us find the person responsible."