Predictions for what the world will look like in a decade

Report makes grim reading

Report Predicts What The World Could Look Like In 10 Years

From international instability to new world powers, the firm Strategic Forecasting has made 11 predictions of how the world could change in the next 10 years in its Decade Forecast.

Business Insider reports that it's pretty ominous, especially for Vladimir Putin.

The first prediction is that the Russian Federation will collapse over Moscow's inability to maintain control. Declining oil prices, economic sanctions and internal discord will turn the country into a number of autonomous regions.

When Russia collapses, the United States will have to clean up the mess of nuclear weapons. Weapons, uranium stocks, and delivery systems could end up exposed in what will suddenly become the world's most dangerous power vacuum.

Russia's nuclear fallout

The breakout of Russia's nuclear weapons stockpile will be "the greatest crisis of the next decade," the prediction says.

The US might even have to dispatch ground troops to secure vast areas in case weapons fall into the wrong hands.

Europe also faces an uncertain future. Four distinct areas are predicted to appear: western Europe, eastern Europe, Scandinavia and the British Isles, leading to a weakening of the European Union.

Germany is predicted to experience a slowing down of its economy, and Turkey might have to deal with border conflicts.

Asia will face its own shifting tides over the next ten years as Japan becomes the region's naval power while China's economy slows. Islands, some of them man-made, in the South China Sea will be at the centre of tensions between the two nations.