Things you don't have to buy new

Second hand often the way to go


There are plenty of items that are built to last. Here are a few things that are sometimes a good idea to buy second hand. It saves you money too!

Tools are durable and relatively easy to find in car-boot sales. New tools can be expensive, but used ones will do exactly the same job but for a fraction of the price.

But be sure to stick the simple stuff. Anything with a motor can wear out. So only buy power tools from someone you trust.

Next, if your children are trying a sport for the first time, it can be a good idea to buy the equipment second hand. The kids might lose interest and it'll be the next expensive fad.

For example, weights and other basic exercise equipment are built to last and will perform the same function as their newer counterparts.

But be careful to carefully inspect electronic gym equipment like treadmills.


When it comes to buying furniture, second hand wooden items can be a real find. They can also be sanded and then varnished or painted to give them your own unique touch.

Also, you may find a really nice antique for a bargain to give your home an individual look.

Finally, if your kids like to read, buying new books can be expensive. So unless it's a coffee-table book or part of a collection, go used.

And there are plenty of websites which sell second hand books in good condition. When you've finished reading them you can even sell them on yourself to get your money back.