Drone sent over mysterious crop circles in Russia

Mysterious Crop Circles in Russia's Adygea Seen from the Sky

The truth, they say, is out there. As are a set of mysterious crop circles which have appeared suddenly in a wheat field in Russia's Republic of Adygea.

Puzzled by the 'alien patterns', local residents sent a drone to fly over the area and investigate the series of mysterious formations.

Six circular shapes of different sizes with interconnected ring-like patterns have been stamped into an otherwise standard field of crops. The largest circle is 42 feet in diameter.

The biggest two circles also have strange two-feet deep 'craters' in their centres.

The crop pattern was discovered on Tuesday by a local farmer, who claimed the circles were not there the night before. Because of the high winds, aerial footage was out of the question at the time of the discovery.

Locals stumped

Crop circles have been discoverd in the region three times in 15 years and have totally stumped the locals, making it one of the top UFO enthusiast attractions.

Most people in the neighbourhood blame the circles either on aliens or electro-magnetic radiation.

These are exactly the theories Ufologists are now checking in a region near Moscow, where two large oval geometrical shapes and a 30-feet wide circle were recently discovered in the village of Mirny.

Of course, the possibility remains that the circles are man-made and some bored farmer may be enjoying their 15 minutes of fame.
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