Man's dramatic rescue from swollen river caught on camera

Man Rescued from a Swollen River in China

A dramatic video has emerged from China of a man being rescued from the middle of a swollen river.

In the footage, filmed during the rescue in Guizhou Province on Monday, firemen can be seen using a pulley system to bring the man back to dry land.

At one point the pulley rope becomes trapped and both the man and his rescuer disappear underwater.

Loud shouts are heard from the river bank as it's feared they will now both be drowned.

Recovering in hospital

Both are then pulled into the air by the pulley system and are then seen being put on to stretchers.

According to local news reports, the man had been swept three kilometres downstream by the fast-flowing water before he came to a stop against some driftwood.

Both the man and his rescuer were injured during the rescue and are recovering in a local hospital.
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