People in China paying to experience death

Amusement park offers 'death simulation'

Why People in China Are Paying to Experience Death

There's a whole booming industry in China around death simulation where paying customers can experience what it feels like to die.

Some therapists for the last few years have offered a service where one can lay in a dark coffin and listen to epitaphs of relatives.

A medical professional even covers the person's face with cloth before the lid closes. If that wasn't macabre enough, it's now gone one step further.

Tourists are being drawn to a bizarre 'death simulator' at an amusement park that offers them the chance to experience cremation.

Tourists paying to go on 'The Cremator'

For the equivalent of £25, 'The Cremator', offers the morbidly curious the opportunity to find out what it might feel like to be cremated using a system of hot air and light projections.

Punters at the 'Window of the World' amusement park in Shenzhen first experience a journey through the 'morgue', before they are settled into their temporary coffins, reports the Daily Mail.

They are then carried on a conveyor belt through a chamber filled with hot air at over 40 degrees celsius, to simulate the flames used during cremation.

Staff at the park explained that the customers who are passing through the ride feel a sudden blast of hot air, 'which makes them feel as though they are being cremated'. Screams and shrieks echo through the chamber, and everyone who tries the ride comes out drenched in sweat.

Then they go through the 'rebirth' process, where they crawl out of the coffin towards a brightly lit padded room that's supposed to symbolise the uterus.