Magaluf drinking crackdown falls on deaf ears

Booze ban comes into force to stop bingeing Brits

Magaluf: Crackdown on Drinking in the Strip Falls on Deaf Ears

It appears the attempt to crack down on drunkenness in Magaluf hasn't succeeded, as the resort continues to witness the debauched scenes that have made it infamous.

New rules have banned drinking on the street in the Majorcan town's main strip of Punta Ballena between 10pm and 8am.

The rules also limits bar crawls, stops shops selling alcohol after midnight and introduces £550 fines for urinating or going naked outdoors. It even brings in penalties for going bare-chested and spitting.

The scandal-hit town became even more notorious last year when a teeange girl from Northern Ireland performed sex acts on 24 men for a free drink in one of the bars.

Just hours after the new rules came in, Brit partygoers were making it clear that 'Shagaluf' won't be cleaned up without a fight.

In the words of one partygoer on Twitter: 'Where can I read these new Magaluf laws cos I just wanna know how many am gonna be breakin' LOL TORTURED.'

In the early evening the strip of clubs and bars seemed quiet, reports the Daily Mirror. At 11pm there was still no sign of the bar crawls. But then came midnight, the new laws kicked in... and the partygoers came out.

Scottish nurse Hannah MCDonald, 19, from Perth put it this way: 'We're here for a reason, we're here to get f****** mortal and just love life,' she said.

Meanwhile, a 21-year-old woman from Scotland was injured in a 15ft fall from a hotel balcony in Magaluf hours after the crackdown.