EasyJet flies 84-year-old disabled woman to wrong country

Airline Flies 84-Year-Old To Wrong Country

An 84-year-old disabled airline passenger recently ended up in Malta even though it wasn't her intended destination.

Argyro Aretaki, who does not speak English, ended up in Athens - 550 miles in the wrong direction. She was left distraught after a series of errors by airport and flight staff.

Her son Dimitri Aretakis had dropped her off at Manchester Airport's Terminal 1, where special assistance was waiting for her on May 18, reports the Daily Mail.

But after her boarding pass was scanned at the correct gate, staff took her to join the wrong queue, where a flight operated by easyJet - with an almost identical flight number - was set to depart for Malta within minutes of the one she was booked on.

When she realised no-one was going to take her onto the plane, she got up and followed the crowd, he said. Mrs Aretaki was allowed aboard the Airbus jet, despite her boarding pass showed a different destination.

And when she found her assigned seat on the flight occupied, her boarding pass was checked again - but she was simply taken to another seat.

To make matters worse, while Mrs Aretaki landed at Malta Airport - her baggage was sent unattended to Greece, where her daughter was waiting for her.

Mr Aretakis said: 'I was stunned when I got the call from Malta Airport telling me that my mother was there. She realised something was wrong and she was really, really upset.

'I actually spoke to her after the airport staff managed to contact me. I think it was a good hour after her flight landed.

'She thought there was going to be a wheelchair at the other end but of course, nobody was expecting her in Malta.

'She walked off the plane and she burst into tears. She didn't understand what was going on.'

Mrs Aretaki was forced to spend the night in Malta before easyJet flew her back to Manchester and she then finally flew to Athens two days after she first intended to.

An easyJet spokesperson said: 'easyJet has fully investigated the issue and although this was an isolated incident, we have put in place corrective measures to prevent any reoccurrences of this issue.'
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