Stolen dogs in China skinned alive at festival

Stolen Dogs Skinned Alive at Dog Meat Festival

Animal lovers from around China and the rest of the world are pressuring organisers of the annual Yulin Dog Meat Festival, due to take place on 21 June, to put a stop to the event.

Thousands of dogs and cats are killed during this festival, which has been strongly condemned by animal activists for its barbaric, unsafe, and inhumane practices.

A letter from the International Fund For Animal Welfare is being sent to the British Ambassador to the People's Republic of China, imploring her to work directly with the Chinese Government to intervene and ban the cruel annual event. You can sign it here.

This year, China has ignored 200,000 people calling for the cancellation of the canine cooking festival - and instead has introduced cat meat as well, reports the Daily Express.

The call for action comes a year after the local government promised to cancel the decades old tradition in the southern province of Guanxi following complaints regarding the incredible cruelty towards the animals.

Dogs and cats are skinned and strung up like Peking ducks after being beaten to death or having their throats slit on the street or in slaughterhouses, animal rights campaigners have revealed.

Because of the lack of official monitoring opponents say many of the animals are effectively skinned alive. Many do not even make it to that stage, dying of shock, dehydration or starvation on the way as they are crammed into cages with no room to move.

Horrifyingly, scores of pooches arrive at the festival with collars on, having been stolen from their loving owners.
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