Hitler's mistress Eva Braun's underwear up for sale

'Nazi knickers' yours for $7,500

Hitler Mistress Eva Braun's Undergarments Go on Sale in Ohio

Souvenirs and memorabilia from the Second World War are often highly sought after, and now collectors can get their hands on the undergarments of Hitler's mistress, Eva Braun.

Shop owner Ernie Scarango is selling Braun's knickers at his shop Mantiques in the small town of Elmore in Ohio for $7,500 (£4,900).

The pair of Braun's French silk panties are complete with a monogrammed 'EB'. The question of the underwear's authenticity remains, but the price tage certainly suggests they are the real thing, reports the Daily Mail.

Scarango said he purchased the underwear from Charles Snyder, an 84-year-old retired Air Force major who served in both Vietnam and Korea.

Snyder is also an avid collector of military items and has been for decades. He runs a web store called Snyder's Treasures that boasts 800,000 items, many of them related to World War II.

Snyder sold Scarango the underwear with a letter of authenticity he wrote himself and included with it a book he wrote titled, Treasure Troves of the Third Reich.

Snyder says he got them from a man who was serving in the US military and present during the 1945 liberation of Berchtesgaden, a region of the Alps where Hitler's Berghof residence was located.

That man, First Lieutenant D.C. Watts, shipped the underwear, along with dozens of other similar garments taken surreptitiously from Berghof, back to the US, Snyder says.

Snyder claims he first encountered Watts' treasures in a North Carolina warehouse twenty years ago and, over the course of years, paid Watts $3 million for an entire trunk full of the items.

Now Scarango is convinced of their authenticity. 'They're first rate: the fabric, embroidery and monogramming, the sewing of the button,' Scarango said. 'Not everyone has Eva Braun's underwear.'