The most adulterous professions revealed

Worried your partner is cheating?

5 Most Adulterous Professions

According to a dating website for married people, it depends on a person's profession whether or not he or she will cheat.

So, when browsing someone's profile on a dating website or app, or even when checking up on your current partner, it may be good to bear in mind what job they do.

The UK's largest married dating site, Illicit Encounters has ranked its 970,000 users by profession, and financiers come up proportionally high, reports the Daily Mail.

On the dating site, which encourages married people to cheat, those in the financial services represent 18% of the users.

Just below, at 12% are those that work in management and human resources.

Married someone who worked hard to get to the top of a company or even start their own business? It might not necessarily be a good thing, according to Illicit Encounters.

Executives and self-employed people make up 8% of the number of people with active profiles on the site.

Other professions that also ranked highly were engineering and IT, tying at 6%.

Interestingly doctors and medical professionals are more likely to cheat than lawyers, with them both tying at 3%, but with doctors fractionally higher.

The professionals that are least likely to cheat are those that work in retail, admin, customer service, hospitality and tourism - all tying at 1%.