Dragon bites zookeeper

Woman rushed to hospital

Komodo Dragon Bites Zookeeper

The largest lizard in the world, the komodo dragon, packs a serious bite, as one zookeeper in Nebraska found out.

Their bite, though, is only half the problem as the dinosaur-like creatures carry bacteria in their mouths that acts like a venom and is strong enough to kill an animal as big as a buffalo.

The female zookeeper was bitten by a two-feet long, two-year-old female and, luckily, not the 10-feet long male who also lives at the zoo.

She was bitten at Omaha's Henry Doorly Zoo and Aquarium on Sunday while she was performing routine animal care inside the dragon's cage.

Stephanie Huettner, assistant general curator at the zoo, said: 'They are typically very docile, even the larger komodos. So for whatever reason she was agitated this morning.'

Although the zoo has a nurse on hand, the nurse failed to stop the bleeding, prompting the zoo staff to rush her to the Nebraska Medical Center for treatment.

Huettner added the potential infection was more of a concern than the bite: 'It's a massive bacterial infection that you get, so that's what you need to watch out for,' she said.

The injured employee had two stitches on the top of her hand and thanks to some antibiotics and swift action by her fellow staff, she was released from the hospital and is expected to make a full recovery.

The incident has led the zoo to order an investigation.