Paving in Canary Wharf will power street lights as you walk

New 'green' paving installed

Paving in Canary Wharf Will Power Streetlights as You Walk

The people of Canary Wharf in London need to get marching now that new 'green' paving will power streetlights as they walk on it.

The transparent panels and kinetic paving slabs from UK tech company Pavegen can generate energy from people's footsteps as they walk over them, gradually harvesting enough energy to power lighting or to be stored in batteries.

Pavegen is a UK clean-tech startup that has engineered a high tech flooring product that can generate enough energy to power lights and even buildings by harnessing kinetic energy from pedestrians walking on it.

Pavegen's current flooring product can be used indoors or outdoors in high traffic areas, and generates electricity from pedestrian footfall using an electromagnetic induction process.

It will enable members of the public strolling around Canary Wharf to experience the 10-tile installation which will power two streetlights in the heart of the financial district.

The tiles also have the ability to send wireless data using the energy from footsteps which can then be integrated with an app to track live movements from people and show live footfall data.

The data, for example, could one day be used to tell subway travellers where to stand on a platform to get into the least busy carriage before the train arrives.

The tiles have already been installed in many other locations around the world including Heathrow airport.