India's tallest man struggles to find a wife

India's Tallest Man Struggles To Find Love

At 8 feet 1 inches tall - only two inches shy of the world record - Dharmendra Singh stands head and shoulders above his fellow countrymen. But finding love is proving a tall order.

The 32-year-old, from Meerut, Uttar Pradesh, is India's tallest man and despite becoming something of a local celebrity, a relationship still eludes him.

He says: 'In terms of marriage, the main problem is my height. It will be very difficult to find someone who is tall enough for me. I think it is impossible.

'But height doesn't matter that much. She doesn't have to be as tall as me. She could be five to six feet tall. But she should be good natured and possess qualities that a wife should have.'

He went to college to study and hoped to meet someone there, but it was the same story. He says: 'Actually I didn't become friends with any girls in collge.'

Women trouble aside, Dharmendra's height has also made it hard for him to find paying work. But after leaving college, he did get an unusual job offer.

Reluctantly, he took up the job as a freakshow performer at a local amusement park. He now works at a fair where he entertains locals who can have their picture taken with him.

His friends and family are worried that he may never find a wife. Dharmendra's neighbour, Suman, says: 'All I want for him is to get married and for him and his family to have a contented life.'

His nephew, Ravi, says: 'If my uncle had a wife, I would feel great.'

The tallest living man in the world is Sultan Kosen from Turkey who measured 8 feet 3 inches on February 8, 2011.
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