Steve Irwin's dad furious after cameraman reveals star's final moments

Details of Crocodile Hunter's death revealed

Steve Irwin's Father Furious After Cameraman Breaks Silence

Nearly a decade after his son's death, Steve Irwin's father is furious at the cameraman who broke a pact of silence regarding the Crocodile Hunter's final moments.

In 2006, the 'Crocodile Hunter' had been filming an underwater documentary, when he was fatally pierced by a stingray's barb, at the age of 44.

Despite there being an 'unwritten pact' to keep the events surrounding Irwin's death private, a camera-crew member who was with Irwin at the end of his life, Justin Lyons, described in detail what happened to Australian channel Studio 10 last year.

Steve's father has now condemned the interview, which contained graphic details about the stingray's attack, claiming it doesn't help the people who are still grieving, reports the Huffington Post.

During an interview that aired on the Australian Broadcasting Corporation on Monday, Bob Irwin said: 'I personally felt very sad and to a degree angry about what Justin had to say.

'For those of us trying to get on with our lives, it wasn't something that helped us by any means.'

Bob also discussed how he first dealt with his son's death, revealing: 'I think I had to get things sorted out in my own head. And that took a long time to sort out and not be like a hermit. Because that wasn't doing me any good.'

Steve had two children, Bindi and Robert, who are both continuing in their father's conservationist footsteps.

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