Terrified bus passengers stuck on tracks as train slams into them

'Train coming! Let me out!'

Dramatic Crash: Passengers Flee as Train Hits Bus

On-board CCTV has captured the terrifying moment passengers try to escape a bus south of Atlanta, as a freight train hurtles towards them.

The bus, which became stuck on the CSX Transportation tracks in East Point, was struck and then spun around.

Five passengers and the bus driver were injured in the accident and the Metropolitan Atlanta Rapid Transit Authority has released footage from inside the bus.

In the frightening clip, passengers can be seen asking the driver to open the doors of the vehicle and heading to the exits after noticing the train bearing down. Screams of 'Train coming' and 'Let me out' can be heard.

The driver desperately honks his horn while checking on his passengers in the rear-view mirror as the train gets closer and closer. He is still sitting down when the train hits and goes flying after impact.

The driver of a truck that stopped in front of the bus prior to the accident is being sought, reports the Daily Mail.

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