Climate change will cause 'one in six species to become extinct'

Study Finds Climate Change  Will Cause 1 in 16 Species to Become Extinct

A new study has concluded that one in six species will become extinct if climate change continues at its current rate.

Species native to South America, Australia and New Zealand were found to be the most at risk.

If man-made greenhouse gas emissions continue at their current record-breaking rate, leading to a temperature rise of more than 4C by the end of the century, 16% of species, or one in six, face extinction.

Conservationists said such a large loss would be a tragedy with serious ramifications for people as well as ecosystems, reports The Guardian.

The study is the most comprehensive look yet at the impact of climate change on biodiversity loss, analysing 131 existing studies on the subject.

The stresses on wildlife and their habitats from global warming is in addition to pressures such as deforestation, pollution and overfishing that have already seen the world lose half its animals in the past 40 years.

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