Scientists close in on goal to resurrect the woolly mammoth

Extinct beast back from the dead?

Scientists Close In On Their Goal To Resurrect The Woolly Mammoth

A team of scientists has got one large step closer to resurrecting the mammoth species.

The woolly mammoth hasn't roamed the Earth for thousands of years, but that could all soon change. Researchers working on reversing the animal's extinction have almost fully sequenced a genome by using DNA from two Siberian specimens.

One of the animals lived about 45,000 years ago, while the other lived as recently as 4,300 years ago. Using information gathered from both, the team has constructed its most detailed picture yet of what made the mammoth tick.

The research might also sheds light on what triggered their demise. Being hunted by humans, and climate change are thought to have contributed to their dying out.

However, there are concerns that bringing them back to life could compromise conservation projects and resources which are already devoted to endangered living animals such as elephants.

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