Buy Prince Edward VIII's 'secret love nest' for £15 million

Buy Prince Edward VIII's 'secret love nest' for £15 million
Buy Prince Edward VIII's 'secret love nest' for £15 million

Before you go to sleep at night, do you ever look around your bedroom and think to yourself: "Wow, isn't it crazy that a British prince has had passionate, illicit, adulterous sex in here?"

No? Well, you might if you bought this perfectly respectable-looking house in London's Primrose Hill, currently on sale for £15 million (reduced from £18 million).

Because, in 1934, this is the house where Prince Edward VIII is believed to have first consummated his affair with the American socialite, Wallis Simpson - while she was still a married woman.

Just two years later, Prince Edward VIII was so head-over-heels in love with Mrs Simpson that he abdicated his throne to marry her. (Back then, a King was supposed to marry an aristocrat and preferably a virgin, not a divorcee, and certainly not - oh horror of horrors! - an American.)

In other words, whatever the prince got up to in the property's six bedrooms or potentially elsewhere in the property (it isn't detailed on the floorplan) was the start of a love affair so mind-blowingly passionate that he felt it was worth sacrificing an entire kingdom for.

Be careful who you invite round

Of course, if you buy it, there is no guarantee that your own love affairs in the charming Arts-and-Crafts house will be just as passionate. Perhaps, if you take inspiration from the current owners and decorate your walls with similar 'fine art prints', that will help?

Either way, be careful who you invite round for tea. Mrs Simpson was not the only woman that Queen Elizabeth II's uncle Ted seduced inside the walls of this house. In fact, Wallis was introduced to Edward by a close friend with whom the playboy prince was sleeping at the time - another married lady, this time the rich American who owned the property, called Thelma Furness.

According to the Daily Mail, Thelma used to invite the Simpsons over to "the secret love nest" (aka 'her home') to act as chaperones while her extremely wealthy husband, the Viscount Furness, was away. This enabled her to offer the prince her, ahem, hospitality - and perhaps a spot of tea and cucumber sandwiches in the living room - while still maintaining a respectable facade to the outside world.

According to Mrs Simpson's biographer, Anne Sebba, the Prince liked to visit his mistresses in their own homes, so it was no doubt a very convenient arrangement for them both.

Still, Mrs Simpson must have got bored of sitting around downstairs while her friend and her lover were 'lighting a fire' in one of the bedrooms above.

So, when Thelma left for New York for three months, Mrs Simpson may have spied her chance. Her friend had invited her to the Ritz and asked her to "look after" Edward while she was in the States.

Who knows what exactly Wallis thought Thelma meant, but when Thelma returned three months later, her four-year affair with the prince was over and Wallis Simpson had taken her place... quite literally.

The property's current owners claim that, thirty years ago, an elderly neighbour told them she remembered Wallis Simpson living in the property and the Prince turning up at the house in his Bentley. That's right, one drives a Bentley to a den of iniquity when it's in Primrose Hill.

So what do you get for your £15 million?

As well as six bedrooms, you get two reception rooms, a dining room, a utility room and a garage. In total, there is 6,559 square feet of accommodation over three floors. The hallway is particularly impressive, which must have been handy when royalty came knocking at the front door.

The property was converted back into a house from three flats by the current owners and the kitchen looks particularly snazzy. If you're going to slave over a hot stove in a royal love nest, you may as well do it in style, after all.

Unfortunately, what you don't get for your (no doubt hard-earned) £15 million is much of a private garden, although you do have access to "magnificent" communal gardens shared with nearby residents.

Then again, if a prince found the accommodation perfectly acceptable for his, erm, needs, then surely you can make do? It is only £15 million after all.

Have a look inside...

What do you think? Would you pay £15 million to live here? What's your favourite part of the story? Let us know using the comments box below.

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