Peugeot launches all-new 301 small saloon


Peugeot has unveiled the brand new 301 small saloon...but if you like the look of it, tough - you can't have one. It won't be sold in the UK.

According to Peugeot, the 301 "is a clear illustration of the Marque's internationalisation and demonstrates its desire to conquer new markets. It has been specifically designed to appeal to a wide customer base attracted by four-door saloons, which are both accessible and present an enhanced level of status."

We don't really like small saloons in the UK, mostly because they're awkward looking and impractical - Google 'Renault Thalia' for details.

For some reason, however, other markets love 'em. The 301 was "developed to adapt to all conditions of use, and extremes - hot countries, cold countries, and poor roads," says Peugeot.

No point really in going on about the engine choices and stuff, but no 301 has less than 71bhp or more than 115bhp, and most will get three-cylinder units, as found in the new 208.

It'll debut at the Paris show in September, and be built in Spain, before going on sale in November.