Lexus and Toyota tune up for Tokyo Auto Salon


Toyota and Lexus unleashed some truly special metal at the Tokyo Auto Salon – the world's biggest custom car show.

First up, Toyota revealed the iQ's racier side. The GRMN (Gazoo racing tuned by MN) iQ Racing Concept boasts a chunky bodykit, racing alloys and LED daytime running lights on the outside, while the inside features a full rollcage. The engine wasn't left untouched – a supercharger adds extra (unspecified) grunt. In case you're wondering who Gazoo is, they're the people who prepare the race-spec Lexus LF-A racers.
Lexus brought a fair few models to the show. The IS-F arrived in two flavours – CCS-R and IS F Club Performance Accessory.

The IS-F CCS-R is a full on lightweight track car. It's clad in carbon fibre body panels (including front and rear spoilers, bonnet and boot lid), has a frameless construction roll cage and polycarbonate windows. Inside there's more carbon fibre – the dashboard, centre console and door trims are all made of the lightweight material. Racing details extend to a short-diameter 'wheel with paddle shifters and a six-point safety harness. To match the epic spec the CCS-R has the muscle to match the look. Racing brakes, suspension, cooling and exhaust are all present as well as a mechanical limited slip differential, racing alloys and slick tyres.

If track specials aren't your thing but chunky looks are the IS F Club Performance Accessory may be the one for you. It comes with front and rear spoilers, a rear diffuser and a carbon fibre bonnet. Carbon fibre is liberally sprinkled inside while bright orange sports seats complete the look. Mechanical upgrades improve sports suspension and brakes, a titanium exhaust, magnesium wheels and a mechanical LSD.

Lexus didn't only bring tuned IS-F variants though. The CT 200h F-Sport was unveiled – think of it as a hybrid in a muscle suit. Alloy wheels, a Modellista body kit and Recaro seats make it look about as 'green' as a hammer.

Who said eco cars weren't sporty..?