The Lambretta Caterham - Austin Powers' weekend toy


There are only a few truly British car makers left these days, and Caterham is one of the few still flying the flag.

It seems the company famous for producing insanely enjoyable little sports cars has taken this responsibility to heart and emblazoned the Union Jack all over a special edition version of its two-seater Seven.

The car is the result of a partnership with classic UK clothing company Lambretta, which uses the red white and blue of the British flag in its own emblem.

The Seven is certainly eye catching, and bears an uncanny resemblance to the E-type 'Shaguar' that Mike Myers' Austin Powers drove in films such as Goldmember.

The colour scheme goes further than just the paintjob, with hand-stitched leather upholstery, Lambretta motifs and a special steering wheel taking the finish to the interior.

It is powered by a 1.6-litre 125bhp engine that will take the Seven to 60mph in six seconds. The special edition is available now for £26,995.

In honour of the Lambretta's heritage, Caterham have filmed a short video the new car on the south coast – guess who features on the soundtrack?