Renault launches sporty-looking Clio


When it isn't running ill-fated F1 teams and producing efficient diesels, Renault does a good job of making desirable and quick hot hatches.

Now the Renault Clio S joins the Clio Renaultsport 200, the Renaultsport Cup and the Clio GT as its newest 'sporty' variant. But while the other sport-orientated Clio's offer increased performance, the Clio S is only cosmetically-enhanced.

Only available in a three door, the Clio S has 16-inch, white alloy wheels, a white 'GT' rear spoiler, tinted rear windows and an optional white racing stripe down the side. 'S' embossed upholstery and a leather steering wheel complete the package on the inside.

The Clio S comes with the choice of unmodified engines from the standard Clio range – a 75bhp or a 100bhp 1.2-litre petrol or an 86bhp 1.5bhp diesel. This means insurance, at group 3 or 4 should be affordable for younger drivers at which Renault is aiming the Clio S.