16 Hollyoaks spoilers for next week

Hollyoaks spoilers follow.

Next week on Hollyoaks, Felix proposes to Mercedes, Tom and Yazz hit the rocks again and there's a pregnancy twist for Leela.

Here's a full collection of the biggest moments coming up:

1. Felix comes up with an idea

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Warren tells Mercedes that he feels bad for sending Ella away, but Mercedes reminds him they can't risk Ella telling Felix the truth about them.

Meanwhile, Felix plans a day with Warren as he wants to catch up with his friend.

Inspired by a conversation with Dave, Felix suggests a money-making scheme to Warren with an ulterior motive.

2. Darren makes a risky decision

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Ethan overhears Darren and Norma talking and tries to stop Darren from getting involved with her.

Needing to pay off Morgan's medical bills and provide for his family, Darren agrees to work for Norma until she says his debt is paid off.

3. Dave makes an awkward admission

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Cindy wants to return her new dressing gown – a package that she mistook for a gift – due to finding a hole in it.

Dave is forced to admit it wasn't meant for her.

4. Mercedes and Felix find Dave unconscious

felix westwood and mercedes mcqueen in hollyoaks
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Wanting to put a stop to his dad's immoral behaviour, Mason locks Dave in his van.

Norma tells Warren that undercover police have been watching The Loft and convinces him to put a stop to Felix's plan. With the officers approaching, Warren sends Mercedes to stop Felix, but it's too late and he takes off with the vehicle.

When Mercedes catches up with Felix, they're both in for a shock when they find an unconscious Dave in the back.

5. Yazz is struggling

yazz cunningham in hollyoaks
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Yazz is struggling with her early menopause diagnosis, which is putting a strain on her marriage.

Misbah tries to help her daughter, but Yazz feels like she's being punished for not wanting children.

Knowing the choice has been taken away from her, Yazz doesn't want to talk anymore about it and walks away.

6. Felix proposes to Mercedes

pearl anderson, felix westwood and sharon bailey in hollyoaks
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Felix confesses to Nana that he plans on proposing to Mercedes and she offers to help him.

Mercedes looks for Felix. Warren, who's concerned about not being able to get in touch with Felix, turns up at the McQueen house.

Mercedes is feeling down in the dumps, but after a conversation with Leela, she feels re-energised and ready to fight for her relationship.

When Mercedes tracks Felix down, he admits his feelings for her and his intentions of proposing to her, before he gets down on one knee.

Mercedes is shocked to discover the ring is Nana's – and says yes.

7. Joel makes a worrying discovery

joel dexter in hollyoaks
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Joel realises that he took the wrong box to be donated to those in need.

It's then a race against time for Joel and Leela to retrieve it before anyone sees what's inside.

8. Darren gets support from his family

jack osborne, darren osborne and charlie dean in hollyoaks
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Darren's family support him and reminds him they'll work things out together.

However, he asks them to let him tell Nancy in his own way.

9. Yazz issues a threat to Carter

carter shepherd and yazz cunningham in hollyoaks
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Yazz lashes out at Carter, not knowing how to cope.

Tom plans a surprise special meal for Yazz, but he's taken aback when he learns from a concerned Beau that she has returned to work.

Carter tries to talk to Yazz, and she admits that coming back to work might not have been the best idea. However, Yazz leaves Carter with the threat of going to HR, upon his unsympathetic response to her struggles.

10. Joel thinks Leela is pregnant

joel dexter and leela lomax in hollyoaks
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Leela is shocked to discover that her period is late. Keeping this to herself, she rushes out to buy a pregnancy test.

Joel discovers the unopened test in Leela's bag, and with Leela suffering from a recent bout of sickness, he waits for her to tell him what's really going on.

At the engagement celebration, Joel admits that he found the pregnancy test. Excited at the prospect of becoming a father, he encourages her to take it.

11. Tom worries about his relationship with Yazz

tom cunningham in hollyoaks
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Misbah realises Yazz is avoiding Tom and tells her daughter how he was planning on surprising her with a trip to London.

Yazz confronts Tom, asking how he's really feeling about her diagnosis.

Tom explains that he's worried they'll never be intimate again. Yazz reassures Tom, but when she discovers they're not going to London, Yazz becomes distant once again.

When Darren and Beau see Tom, they decide to cheer him up and take him with them for a drink.

12. Darren gets a surprise offer

darren osborne and charlie dean in hollyoaks
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Jack offers Darren some advice on how to tell Nancy about his money struggles.

However, he receives a surprise call from Norma, telling him she'll lend him the money he needs to pay off the medical bills.

13. Mercedes makes a plea to Warren

felix westwood, mercedes mcqueen and warren fox in hollyoaks
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Mercedes pleads with Warren to not tell Felix about their affair, as she's worried he'll spiral back to the dark place he was in.

Will Warren agree?

14. Yazz and Tom consider their future

tom and yazz cunningham in hollyoaks
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Yazz gets advice on moving forward with Tom and trying new things as a couple.

Tom receives a recommendation – to remind Yazz of their love, going back through past memories of their relationship.

When the couple meet up, Tom suggests they renew their vows, but Yazz has the idea of backpacking through Asia.

15. Sienna resorts to more scheming

rafe and sienna blake in hollyoaks
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Sienna is thrown when she discovers that Rafe and Camilla plan to get married next week.

Things get worse for her when she learns the money for her children's tuition fees has been stopped.

Sienna resorts to scheming, to do whatever she needs to make sure her kids keep their school places.

Struggling to see Sienna with another man, Ethan tells her that he's out. Nadira agrees to help Sienna get five minutes alone with Rafe.

16. Scott makes a difficult decision

Scott and John Paul have a heart-to-heart.
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Vicky shares the exciting news that she got second place in the short film competition.

Sadly, the mood among the teens is quickly brought down when they discover that the Youth Centre has been vandalised in a hate crime, targeted upon Scott's sexuality.

In response, Scott announces he's going to step down.

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