Vauxhall provides support vehicles for electric paramotor world record attempt

Vauxhall is supporting a record-breaking attempt to fly around the UK in an electric paramotor.

The firm is pledging two of its Mokka-e EVs and two Vivaro-e vans as support vehicles for the journey which will see biologist and adventurer Sacha Dench take to the skies on Thursday (July 1) from Stevenson, near Glasgow before flying anti-clockwise around the country before completing the trip on August 11.

Vauxhall Vivaro support vehicle
The Vivaro-e is powered entirely by electricity

Throughout her journey, Dench will meet up with individuals, community groups and organisations which are following the climate movement.

During the attempt, she’ll try to set two world records. The first is ‘the first and fastest flight around Britain in a paramotor powered only by renewable energy’, while the second is ‘the most pledges to act on climate change in one month’. This latter challenge refers to Dench’s call for people to take one practical action of climate change action. She’s looking to achieve 140,001 pledges in order to break this record.

Adam Millward, Managing Editor of Guinness World Records said: “Sacha is already a part of the Guinness World Records family, having become the first woman to cross the English Channel by paramotor during her epic “Flight of the Swans” expedition in 2016.

“Given her tenacity and drive, we know she has her sights set on achieving more records, and there’s not many that would bet against someone like Sacha in seeing her goal through! We are delighted to see her once again take to the air in order to fly the flag for nature.”