The used two-seaters to get your hands on now

A sporty two-seater can be the ideal summertime runaround. The only issue is, they’re usually quite expensive when new, which is why a used version can be so tempting – particularly if you’re not planning on using it as your main car.

Needless to say, the used market is awash with two-seaters which don’t have to break the bank. So let’s check them out.


The Z4 had loads of personality

BMW’s Z4 is a striking and dynamic-looking two seater with loads of charm and an involving driving experience. The first-generation Z4 is the one we’re looking at here, as its flame-surfacing design and compact proportions still look really attractive today.

Available with either a 2.0, 2.5 or 3.2-litre engine, the Z4 offered sprightly performance regardless of which one you went for. Expect to pay around £5,000 for a decent used example, though high-mileage versions can go as low as £2,000 – just brace yourself for pricey repair bills.

Mazda MX-5

Mazda MX-5

The ever-popular MX-5 couldn’t be left off this list. After all, it’s great to drive and reliable too, so it shouldn’t bring too many headaches when it comes to repairs. Opt for the third-generation car – named ‘NC’ – and you’ll get a decent amount of creature comforts, too.

Surprisingly refined, the MX-5 is a drop-top you could use every day. You’ll pay around £5,000 for a clean, trouble-free example.

Smart Roadster Coupe

Smart Roadster

Smart has a longstanding history of creating quirky, off-the-wall cars and the Roadster Coupe was no different. With just a three-cylinder engine, the Roadster Coupe was hardly what you’d call powerful, but it was fun to drive thanks to its light weight.

These days, the Roadster Coupe represents something of a bargain. Expect to pay around £2,500 for good versions, or up to £8,500 for more powerful Brabus versions.

Toyota MR2

Toyota MR2
The MR2 was impressively compact

Much like the MX-5, the Toyota MR2 is a two-seater that majors on being as light and as nimble as possible. The most recent example – manufactured throughout the early 2000s – is joyfully compact and, though this does mean it’s not all that practical, ensures that it feels almost go-kart like on the road.

If you’re after a car that won’t break the bank, the MR2 is the car for you. Good examples can be found for as little as £2,000, in fact.

Mini John Cooper Works GP

Mini Cooper Works GP
The Cooper Works GP got a range of performance modifications

The Mini John Cooper Works GP hot hatch might not be a conventional choice, but given that – regardless of which generation you pick – it ditches its rear seats in favour of a strut bar, it more than qualifies for this list.

We’d opt for the second-generation car, as first-generation versions are now starting to really ramp up in price. Given their limited nature, expect to pay around £17,000 for one – rising to £24,000 for well-kept, low-mileage examples.