Lexus announces LC updates for 2022

Lexus has announced a series of updates that should enhance the driving experience of its stunning LC coupe and convertible.

On the coupe model, the front and rear suspension settings have been tuned to give the driver a better sense of connection with the road, as well as providing a more linear steering response and improved feedback through the wheel.

Lexus says the result is that the LC has a sharper front end and gives the driver more confidence in a corner.

For the coupe and the convertible model, the drive modes have been modified to make them more distinct from each other. Changes to the Normal mode provide improved comfort and refinement, while the Sport+ setting now gives ‘more exhilarating performance’.

On top of this, body movement has been reduced to give an improved sense of cornering ability.

The gearbox has been updated with a shift lock mechanism that can help prevent accidental mis-shifts, while a ‘deep hung’ construction for the cushion and seat backs should make it more comfortable.

The 2022 LC line-up will include a Black Inspiration version for both the coupe and convertible, which brings an all-black exterior look and a new carbon-fibre rear spoiler that has been developed through Lexus’ partnership with aerobatics pilot Yoshihide Muroya.

The coupe and convertible models will continue to be sold with two powertrain options. The first is a petrol-electric hybrid option and the other is a high-performance 5.0-litre V8. The hybrid will go from 0-60mph in five seconds and return almost 35mpg, while the V8 will complete the same sprint in 4.7 seconds with fuel economy of 24mpg.

The Black Inspiration models will be priced from £99,550 for the hybrid and £102,725 for the V8.