Kia introduces new IONITY bolt-on for discounted EV charging

Jack Evans, PA Motoring Reporter

Kia has announced a new IONITY bolt-on for its Kia Charge service, which gives EV owners access to discounted charging.

Available to Kia Charge users, the bolt-on costs £11.25 a month and reduces the standard charging rate of £0.70p per kWh by 64 per cent to £0.25 per kWh, while also eliminating the £0.49 session fee.

Kia charging
Kia’s charging app gives access to thousands of charging stations

Recharging a 64kWh e-Niro or Soul EV from 10 to 80 per cent, therefore, will cost £11.20 with the new bolt-on, compared to £31.85 without it. It means that the charging service pays for itself within a single charge.

Paul Philpott, president & CEO of Kia UK Limited, said: “Kia’s partnership with IONITY is an essential part of our plans to make EVs a more viable option. A reliable infrastructure that supports our vehicles’ high voltage capabilities is vital in encouraging more people to make the switch to electric mobility. Furthermore, this bolt-on supports efforts by Kia and our UK dealers to educate customers and help them feel more at ease with EV ownership and charging.”

Kia Charge gives access to 17,000 charge points across the UK or around 68 per cent of the public charging network. Accessed from a single account, it allows users to charge via major charging networks including bp pulse, Pod Point and IONITY – to name but three – without the need to sign up to separate accounts for different providers. Drivers are able to start their charges via a smartphone app or with a radio-frequency identification (RFID) card.