New ‘international’ Citroen C3 revealed as brand targets emerging markets

CItroen has pulled the covers off its ‘New C3’ – a model that’s designed to allow the French brand to take advantage of emerging markets in India and South America

A separate model to the European C3 – which will remain on sale in the UK – this version has been designed by local teams in the places where it will be sold and produced. This ‘local integration’ is set to be key, the firm says.

Citroen hopes the new compact model will play a major role in elevating its international presence and ramping up sales as part of its ‘C-Cubed’ strategy. The company says the New C3 will cover ‘90 per cent of the customer’s needs’.

The New C3 is available with a range of personalisation options
The New C3 is available with a range of personalisation options

Citroen only began importing models to India earlier this year, though the New C3 is set to be the key player and capitalise on the country’s rapidly rising automotive market. By 2025, it’s estimated that four million cars will be sold in India annually.

The French marque also hopes the New C3 will give the firm a stronger presence in South America, with the model also set to be produced in Brazil, and it has lofty ambitions for the new car to perform well in the Middle East, Africa and Asia.

Measuring under four metres long – similar to the European C3 – the new car gains bold styling seen on the brand’s other more expensive models, such as a Y-shaped dual light signature. It also gets chunky SUV styling and a generous 18cm of ground clearance – vital for Indian roads, 40 per cent of which are unsurfaced, says Citroen.

Plenty of personalisation is also promised, while the cabin is said to be able to comfortably seat five people. Equipment includes a large 10-inch touchscreen with smartphone mirroring, and a dedicated place to keep a mobile phone.

Vincent Cobée – Citroen Global CEO, said: “C3 is our brand’s name for all of our B-segment hatchbacks around the world, but it doesn’t mean it’s the same model everywhere. This New C3 differs from the European version as its design has been inspired by the countries in question, in order to offer a unique solution that fully conveys the Citroën identity.

“Purchasing a car is a major investment for customers and our ambition as a mainstream brand is to offer a modern, prestigious model offering a high level specification for the price at the very forefront of the market. In general terms, the challenge we set ourselves was to strike a balance to provide everything customers need, while keeping the price range competitive.”

A large 10-inch touchscreen gives the C3’s interior a modern feel
A large 10-inch touchscreen gives the C3’s interior a modern feel

The New C3 will arrive in the aforementioned markets in the first half of 2022, and will be joined by two more global models within two years.