Genesis: What you need to know

Genesis is set to become one of the newest brands in the UK when it begins selling cars here this summer. The company – which is owned by Hyundai – aims to deliver premium-feeling cars to rival the likes of BMW and Mercedes while offering a click and collect style of operating which, it says, will ‘remove the need to ever visit a ‘dealer’ again’.

But what else is there to know about this new brand? Let’s find out.

Where is Genesis from?

Genesis GV80 and G80
Genesis will initially launch with its GV80 and G80

Genesis is a Korean firm owned by Hyundai. Essentially the luxury arm of the more consumer-focused brand, Genesis cars are all produced in Korea after being designed at sites in Germany, Korea and the United States.

So is this the first time Genesis has sold cars?

Not in the slightest. Genesis has already been selling cars successfully in many other markets outside Europe, starting off with its native Korea before progressing to America, Canada, Russia, the Middle East and Australia.

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Genesis cars have proved impressively popular in the States, where their premium feel and sharp styling has won them plenty of fans.

But this is the first time they’ve been sold in Europe, right?

That’s correct. This summer marks the first time that Genesis cars have been sold in the UK, despite being available in the rest of the world for over five years.

So which cars are coming to the UK first?

Genesis G80
The G80 is a large saloon available with a range of engine choices

Initially at least, the UK will get the G80 saloon and GV80 SUV models, but these will be followed by the smaller G70 and GV70 crossover. We’ll then get the G70 Shooting Brake, which was only recently revealed. It’s a car that has been designed specifically with European buyers in mind and has even had its suspension tuned for Europe’s roads.

Will Genesis be making any electric cars?

That’s the plan. Like so many other manufacturers, Genesis has serious EV intent, which is why it has already pledged to introduce three electric cars within its first year.

Will I buy a Genesis from a dealership?

Genesis G70 Shooting Brake
Genesis is set to debut in the UK this summer

Genesis is majoring in the online buying experience which is why all of its cars will be available for purchase via its website. They’ll then be delivered to your home, mirroring other click-and-deliver services offered by its competitors.

However, Genesis will also be selling its cars via dedicated ‘studios’, the first of which are set to open in London, Munich and Zurich.

And will new cars have any kind of service plan?

That’s right. Each car will be covered by a five-year care plan that will include a full warranty and servicing plan, as well as roadside assistance and a courtesy car.