Family pet among weirdest items left behind at car dealership

A family pet was one of the more unusual items left behind by customers at a car dealership.

Motorpoint and its sister company Auction4Cars say they have been busy processing a high number of part exchange vehicles since dealerships reopened on April 12, and has put together a list of the weird and wonderful items left in part exchanged vehicles.

It’s easy to understand forgetting the usual items such as house keys, sunglasses and wallets, but leaving the family dog behind must take some doing.

One customer left a hay bale in their vehicle, while another left a stash of adult DVDs – which must have led to a very awkward phone call from the dealership.

Hopefully unrelated, one customer left their underwear, while another left a wedding ring.

Other items include hairdressing dolls heads, a tree, false teeth, an uneaten Subway sandwich, and a George Foreman grill.

Nikki Bamford, head of customer services at Motorpoint, said: “We are all guilty of leaving things behind when we are in a rush, such as our phones, wallets and keys, so it’s certainly only natural that our customers do the same in the midst of their excitement and eagerness to drive away in their new car.

“We have however been left a little bit taken aback with some of the strange things that have been left in some of our customers’ old cars. Thankfully, we’ve been able to reunite most items with their rightful, and in the case of the dog, relieved owners.”