Electric vehicle owners warned that picking the wrong tyres could affect their range

Electric vehicle owners have been warned that they could find they’re going less distance between charges if they pick the wrong replacement tyres.

TyreSafe says that many electric vehicles are fitted with rubber designed specifically for them, with the goal of reducing rolling resistance and therefore maximising the battery’s range.

However, when it comes time to replace them, the temptation can be to simply pick one of the cheaper options or simply find a tyre that looks like good value. But fitting a non-EV-specific tyre could affect range as well as being noisier, faster wearing and more susceptible to failure.

One example comes from the fact that EVs tend to be heavier than petrol or diesel equivalents, so it’s important to check if a new tyre’s load rating is appropriate.

Finding a tyre with a low rolling resistance rating is one of the keys to keeping your battery’s range high, but make sure this doesn’t come at the expense of good grip levels in corners and under braking.

You should also pay more attention to a tyre’s noise rating. EVs are quieter than combustion-engined cars, so subtle increases in tyre noise will be much more obvious and could be incredibly annoying over long distances.

Stuart Jackson, TyreSafe’s chairman, said: “Tyres are an extremely sophisticated piece of technology, which we all too commonly take for granted.

“However, drivers of electric vehicles must be aware of how different they could be to those on other cars, and when it’s time to replace the original tyres, owners need to ensure they are buying the right specification.

“Choosing a like-for-like tyre will allow EV owners to enjoy the full benefit of the electric car revolution and reduce the risks of an incident.”

If for any reason you can’t get the same tyres that were originally fitted to your car, there are stickers fitted to each product that explain its ratings so you can make an informed choice. These ratings are also available online.