Couple ‘strengthening their relationship’ manage to flip their car

Police working the night shift must see some curious sights, but officers in Derbyshire have shared images of a particularly amusing incident that happened last night.

It’s not often that reporting to the scene of a car on its side will have a hilarious outcome, but these officers were likely relieved to hear the rather embarrassing sequence of events that lead to this incident.

According to a tweet shared by Derbyshire Roads Policing Unit, a couple had been ‘strengthening their relationship’ at an undisclosed rural location.

During the act, they managed to disengage the handbrake, which sent their Toyota Yaris rolling down a hill before flipping on its side.

Images show the stricken supermini sitting helplessly on its driver’s door in the middle of a single track road.

Fortunately, police report there were no injuries, though the couple involved likely felt a little sheepish making that 999 call…