Citroen Ami registrations pass 1,000 mark

Registrations for Citroen’s Ami have passed the 1,000 mark, less than two weeks since the compact electric city vehicle became available online.

In total, some 1,130 reservations have been received on Citroen’s website, with each person putting down a £250 refundable deposit on the model, prior to it arriving in the UK during spring next year.

On top of this, 14,000 individuals have now registered their interest in the Ami.

All Ami models coming to the UK will be adapted for use here but will remain left-hand-drive. Citroen says that this does bring the added benefit of allowing for curbside access for the driver when parked at the roadside.

With a 5.5kWh battery, the Ami has a top speed of 28mph and is capable of travelling for up to 46 miles on a single charge. Thanks to its battery-electric powertrain, it’s also exempt from London’s congestion charge and Ultra-Low Emissions Zone scheme.

In France, the Ami qualifies for the country’s ‘voiture sans permis’ regulations, allowing anyone over the age of 14 to drive it. However, a full driving licence will be required to pilot the Ami in the UK.

The Ami had not been initially slated for sale in the UK, but ‘unprecedented customer demand’ for the model saw Citroen pivot and decide to bring the Ami to these shores.

Full prices for the Ami are expected to be announced shortly.