The Citroen Ami Cargo is a teeny-tiny delivery van

Citroen has revealed a business-focused version of its tiny city vehicle, called Ami Cargo.

Technically a quadricycle rather than a car, the Ami is designed for urban motoring – its electric powertrain can only propel it to about 28mph, and it has a range of just 47 miles.

Now, this ‘light commercial vehicle’ version has been launched, aimed at businesses that regularly deliver items over short distances.

Citroen Ami

The Ami is just 2.41 metres long, 1.39m wide and 1.52m tall, and has been given a redesigned cabin to maximise load space. The passenger seat has been removed and replaced with a load module with a capacity of 260 litres or 140kg.

Couple this with the interior storage already built into the vehicle, and the total load capacity is around 400 litres.

A vertical partition has also been fitted to keep the driver separate from the cargo, and it has been designed to not impact visibility. A new secondary shelf has been fitted to carry extra items or be used as a desk, and can be moved or removed as needed.

Citroen Ami

Furthermore, the cargo bay floor can be dropped to match the height of the vehicle floor so longer items can be carried, and a secure storage area is fitted at the rear to carry more valuable items.

The downside? Just like the regular Ami, it’s not officially sold in the UK yet. Prospective buyers can register their interest online and if enough people do, Citroen will bring it to these shores.

The Ami Cargo will go on sale in France in June, priced from €6,490 (£5,600) or €24.18 (£20.86) per month on a long-term lease deal with a deposit of £2,508.43 (£2,164.98).