BMW showcases cargo bike and e-scooter concepts

BMW has released some inner-city travel solutions with two concepts for a cargo bike and an e-scooter.

The three-wheeled cargo bike has been designed to be used in all weathers, with BMW saying that cold or slippery conditions are often a reason why cyclists switch to public transport. In addition, the German firm also believes that many people leave their bicycle at home if they’ve got larger items to carry or children to transport.

BMW bicycle
The bicycle’s design allows the rear of the bike to be used to transport goods

As a result, the cargo bike has been designed to address these issues. The front main section of the frame is connected to the rear with a pivot axle, allowing it to tilt in corners. An electrified powertrain – activated when the rider starts pedalling – brings plenty of traction in poor conditions, while the fixed rear axle also provides additional luggage space which can be fitted with a variety of different attachments.

The e-scooter – named Concept Clever Commute – has been designed as a ‘last mile’ solution. It can be easily folded away for storage or carrying, with a clever mechanism allowing the user to shorten the wheelbase of the scooter that can help when transporting it in tighter areas such as escalators. It can also be rolled along on both wheels like a trolley case.

BMW Scooter
The scooter can be folded up to aid transportation

An electric motor integrated into the front wheel’s hub can also add extra boost when pushing the scooter long.

Both concepts have been designed to offer an electric range of 12 miles, while the battery itself can be removed to charge at home.