Bentley sees Mulliner personalisation requests soar in 2022

Bentley has reported huge growth in requests for individual designs and personalisation via its Mulliner service.

Mulliner has been behind some of Bentley’s most standout designs throughout the last century, providing custom-made vehicles for a variety of clients, including royalty and celebrities.

Since 2020, requests for personalisation and bespoke content through Mulliner have risen by 200 per cent to the highest in Bentley’s history. According to Bentley, three cars per day are produced with bespoke requests incorporated into their makeup.

Organ stops
The new gold-plated organ stops are the latest addition to the Mulliner range

In July 2021, Mulliner passed the 1,000 milestone for bespoke projects since a specific design team was formed in 2014. Today, the number of projects has risen to 1,350 in just 10 months. The number of bespoke features per request has also grown. In 2020, a customer would ask for two features on average, while today Bentley says it is ‘typically up to seven’.

One of the latest features introduced via Mulliner is 18-karat gold-plated organ stops. Said to pay homage to the early days of Bentley’s involvement in Le Mans, the new feature has recently been incorporated on one of Mulliner’s Limited Edition cars.

Another new addition is open-pore veneers. They’re treated with an ultra-thin matt lacquer which is only applied to protect the surface but gives the natural look and feel of wood. Just 0.1mm of lacquer is applied, contrasting the 0.5mm of high gloss lacquer applied to reach a more traditional finish.

Mulliner offers a full ‘Personal Commissioning Guide’, which brings a variety of classic and more modern touches that allow buyers to completely tailor their new Bentley to their needs. Customers can choose from a series of interior leather colours, as well as painted veneers and personalised interior stitching to name but a few options.