Teaching staff could be forced to pay to park at school

A view similar to that of a series of still pictures issued by Surrey police trying to trace missing schoolgirl Amanda Dowler who disappeared March 21, 2002. The pictures are from CCTV tapes which have been enhanced by the FBI.   *They show two cars - one dark, one light - driving down Station Avenue towards Walton Station. The dark car stops by the kerbside, is overtaken by the car following and a pedestrian appears to talk to the driver of the parked car. Detectives wish to speak to the driver of either vehicle. See PA story POLICE Teenager.  PA Photo: Surrey Police. Note to eds:  Police will be talking through these pictures in detail at a news conference later Thursday - and the full set of pictures they issued are available for downloading from the PA Bulletin Board.

Swansea council is in discussions over whether to allow schools to introduce staff car parking charges. If passed, the fees would be introduced from April 1, and would be decided on a school-by-school basis.

The parking charges would be linked to salary, and the money raised would be kept by the individual schools to bolster their budgets.