Aristocrat leaves fortune to long-lost ex - but nothing to her children

Relationship ended decades ago


Lady Killearn

A controversial aristocrat left more than £600,000 to a castle owner she dated some 50 years ago — and nothing to her own children and grandchildren.

Jacqueline, Lady Killearn, died in 2015 aged 105 but probate documents which emerged this week show she left nothing of her huge wealth to her family.

Instead, the Plymouth Herald reports she left her total £626,000 estate to Robert Hay, a man she had a relationship with in the 1960s and who now is happily married to another woman.

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Credits: Plymouth Herald

Mr Hay, who owns Bickleigh Castle near Tiverton, Devon, was around 20 years younger than Lady Killearn and was an ex-boyfriend of her daughter Bunty.

The fling ended in the early 1970s but Mr Hay is said to be "delighted" at his unexpected windfall.

"It's appalling. No doubt, Mr Hay will be delighted," a family friend told Daily Mail.

Credits: Plymouth Herald

But in her will, Lady Killearn still described Mr Hay as her "partner" and said she was leaving him everything "in thanks for his great help during my lifetime".

"I have not made any provision for my two daughters and my grandson Miles Lampson as I have made adequate provision for them during my lifetime," the aristocrat wrote.

She never even mentioned her son Victor, with whom she once had a disagreement over her 13-bedroom Jacobean property in East Sussex, Haremere Hall.

Credits: Plymouth Herald

Her daughter, Roxana 'Bunty' Ross, is mother of the top model Liberty Ross. Her other daughter, Jacquetta is the ex-wife of Peregrine, the Earl of St Germans, whose family is based in south-east Cornwall at the Port Eliot estate.

Lady Killearn was just 24 when she wed 53-year-old Sir Miles Lampson, Britain's High Commissioner in Cairo.

After his death, she was being escorted by Robert Hay, then 37, a surprising liaison given the wide age gap and the fact that he had previously gone out with her daughter Roxana.

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