Weird and wonderful ordering apps

Whatever you want, whenever you want it

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If Aladdin were to get his three wishes now, he probably wouldn't bother with a genie in a bottle - he'd just use an app instead.

Over the last few years, apps have taken centre stage for ordering takeaways, while the Uber app has revolutionalised calling a cab.

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But did you know that these apps are just the tip of the iceberg - and that some let you order some very unusual items indeed?
We look at some of the world's most innovative ordering apps.

Drinks in the park
If you're enjoying the autumn sunshine in London's Soho Square, there's no need to go inside for a drink. The Six Storeys bar in London has an app that lets you order your food or drink - including cocktails - which will be delivered by a waiter at the King Charles statue in the square. Available through the App Store and Google Play.

If commoditisation is really your thing, you can even order escorts through an app called Rendevu. You get to choose from escorts in your area, check their availability and review them afterwards. Lovely. It's available as a web app here.

City services
Recently-launched Oxford Orders aims to give the city's residents everything they need through a single app. Offering everything from takeaways to drinks from local pubs, from flowers to groceries, the company behind the app hopes to roll it out to lots more cities soon. Even KFC has signed up, as has the Oxfam Bookshop. Available through the App Store and Google Play.

Bevy delivers spirits, beer and wine, as well as snacks and tobacco, across London, and says its prices aren't much higher than RRP. Orders, it says, reach your door in 30 to 45 minutes, delivered by one of the company's Bevy Butlers. Available through the Apple App Store.

Using e-Cut, Londoners can book a haircut at their own premises across the city, or even order a hairdresser to come to their home. You can book out-of-hours appointments and chat with the hairdresser about your requirements in advance; each stylist sets their own price. Available through the App Store and Google Play.

Give Echo the name of your NHS GP and it will get in touch and ask for approval. Your prescription medication will then be delivered by post, for free. Echo will even remind you when to take your medicine, when to reorder and when you're due to check in with your GP. Available through the App Store and Google Play.

A handyman
Task Rabbit lets you order someone to do household chores for you, whether it's shifting heavy items, mounting a TV or carrying out general improvements. Apparently getting someone to assemble flat pack furniture is popular. Available through the App Store and Google Play.

Your dreams
Launched by Noel Edmonds eight years ago, The Cosmic Ordering Service really puts all other ordering services to shame. "There are no limits, you can ask for anything, a new love or a new house, money or wealth, health or healing... whatever you desire can be yours," the site explains. "There are many theories about how it works, but the general consensus is that at some level we are all connected, our thoughts are creative and energetic and can communicate through the cosmic connections. Available through the App Store and Google Play.

They won't, one assumes, offer international shipping,but Canary does operate in several US states and, it says, 'makes ordering marijuana as easy as ordering a pizza'. Orders are delivered within the hour, and apparently there's plenty of varieties to choose from. Customers do, though, have to prove that they either live in a state where it's legal or provide a valid medicinal marijuana card.

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