Cost of groceries creeps up

The price of a basket of groceries is creeping up ahead of Christmas with seasonal broccoli and carrots leaping in price compared with this time last year, figures show.

A basket of 35 popular items cost £85.22 in October, up from £84.90 in the previous month, according to the mySupermarket monthly groceries tracker.

Shoppers are now paying 2% more for their groceries than a year ago, with the total basket now £1.94 more expensive than it was in October last year.

The cost of broccoli has increased significantly on this time last year.
The cost of broccoli has increased significantly on this time last year.

Onions saw the biggest monthly price increase, up 19% to £1.32 per kilogram. Butter, which has seen a steady price increase of 9% over the year, rose 5% between September and October.

Mushrooms were up 4% and paper goods also saw an increase, with kitchen towels and toilet rolls up 3% and 5% respectively.

However, yearly figures show that although the price of broccoli fell 4% between September and October, it is currently 36% more expensive than a year ago, while carrots are 27% more expensive than they were in October last year.

Household staples such as pasta and frozen pizza have fallen in price on last month, while apples were 2% cheaper and tomatoes saw the biggest price drop among fresh items to fall 5%.

Overall the cost of 16 products rose and 18 fell.

MySupermarket chief executive Gilad Simhony said: "Seeing a fall in price on store cupboard staples and frozen goods is again good news for families looking to stock up and save as we go forward into the festive season.

"Even if the news of a more expensive basket in October compared to September is the beginning of an upward trend towards Christmas, shoppers are still able to make a saving and get the best value by thinking ahead."