Nifty ways to save this November

Are you feeling the squeeze before Christmas?

Nifty ways to save this November

British summertime has ended and we're plunged into darkness again by late afternoon. But what else happens each year when the clocks go back?

There are definite trends to watch every November – and being aware of them could save you money and keep your family safe as well.

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Burglaries peak in November, with Bonfire Night being the worst night of the year

Insurance company Aviva reports that they get more claims for burglaries in November than any other month. On Bonfire Night, when families go out to enjoy the celebrations, burglaries rise by 22%.

Bonfire Night is also among the worst dates of the year for fire claims.

So this year on 5 November, check the batteries in your smoke alarms and any other alarms you have around the house. Did you know your insurance may not cover you if your smoke alarms didn't go off in a fire because you'd forgotten to change the batteries?

As the nights draw in, road accidents are on the up

According to research from Co-op Insurance, road accidents increase steadily from the end of British summertime throughout the run-up to Christmas, with the worst day for accidents being 5 December.

We all turn the heating on (or up).

If you've held out until now, well done – but eventually we all have to bow to the inevitable and turn on our central heating.

Have you checked that you're on the best energy deal available? If you're not, why not switch supplier – it only takes 20 minutes and could save you up to £300 a year.

And finally, the pre-Christmas sales hit the high street

While there are bargains to be had this time of year, it's important not to get carried away and buy things you don't really need or want. Why not visit our Christmas money planner and set a realistic budget for the festive season?

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