Credit cards that will let you move your debt for free

Our pick of the best fee-free 0% balance transfer credit cards for those who don't want to pay a balance transfer fee upfront.

Credit cards that will let you move your debt

If you want to shift debt to another 0% credit card, you're usually asked to pay a percentage of the debt up front in the form of a transfer fee, which is the lender's way of making a profit.

The longest deals on the market (up to 39 months at the time of publishing) also tend to come with the heftiest fees, often in excess of 3%.

While these are still far cheaper than letting debt rack up costly interest, there is an even better option out there for those able to pay off their debt in under 30 months.

Fee-free balance transfer cards allow you to move debt without paying a penny. The catch? The 0% periods on offer are understandably shorter.

In this article, we look at the handful of truly free balance transfer cards on the market.

The best cards available right now

Credit Card

0% period on balance transfers

Representative APR after 0% period ends

Halifax 29 Month Balance Transfer Credit Card

29 months


TSB Platinum 28 Month Balance Transfer Credit Card*

28 months


Bank of Scotland Platinum 25 Month Balance Transfer Card

25 months


Barclaycard Platinum 25 Month Balance Transfer Card

25 months


Lloyds Bank Platinum 25 Month Balance Transfer Credit Card

25 months


Virgin Money No Balance Transfer Fee Credit Card

24 months


Tesco Bank Clubcard 24 Month No Balance Fee Credit Card

24 months


As you can see, Halifax leads the way on 29 months, but the recently-launched TSB Platinum card isn't far behind.

Note that you have to switch your debt within 30 days of opening the account or TSB will hit you with a sneaky 0.5% fee on this particular card.

Will I get the headline rate?

As you can imagine, you've got to have a stellar credit rating to get the best deal.

If your score is poor, it's a better idea to give it a boost. Find out more at How to build an excellent credit history.

Lowest fee vs longest 0% period: finding the right balance

If you are certain that you can clear your debt within that two-year window, then one of these balance transfer credit cards are worth going for as they'll always be cheapest.

The second category of cards are those that offer the longest 0% balance transfer window, but you have to pay a hefty fee up front for the privilege.

Those who have a fair chunk of debt to pay off might want to consider the latter.

Whichever you go for, make sure you can make the minimum repayments on time and in full every month otherwise you'll be hit with fees that will negate any benefit that comes with the card.

Compare 0% balance transfers and find the right one for you

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