Thief Googled 'how to rob a bank' before heist

The cash was used to pay rent, cover utility bills and buy drugs


A bank robbery suspect in Pinellas County, Florida told authorities that he searched Google for advice on 'how to rob a bank.'

The heist in question occurred at the Achieva Credit Union in Largo, Florida.

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The Pinellas County Sheriff's Offices reports: "According to detectives the suspect entered and approached the bank teller, implied he had a gun and demanded cash.

"The suspect was given an undisclosed amount of cash and fled from the bank on foot."

Four days later 26-year-old William Joe Johnson was found at an Area Express Inn and arrested.

The sherriff's office notes that Johnson admitted to the bank robbery and informed detectives that he was in need of money so he went to Google for tips.

It also says that the suspect had used all the cash to pay rent, cover utility bills and buy drugs and was planning on hitting another bank.

The suspect was charged with one count of robbery.

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