Groceries cost £2 more than they did last year

A basket of 35 popular items cost £84.90 in September

Our grocery shopping is now costing us £2 more

The cost of a basket of groceries fell slightly last month - but is still almost £2 more expensive than this time last year, a survey shows.

A basket of 35 popular items cost £84.90 in September, 3p less than the previous month but £1.81 more than a year ago, according to mySupermarket's monthly groceries tracker.

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Many fresh food essentials increased in price throughout September, with onions costing 16% more, mushrooms climbing 11%, carrots up 6.5 % and grapes 4% more expensive.

However, a number of student food staples dropped in price - such as pasta, down 4%, red pasta sauce and baked beans, both down 3%.
Overall, the cost of 20 items rose and 15 fell.

MySupermarket chief executive Gilad Simhony said: "We're always happy to report a fall in basket cost and the price reduction on store cupboard staples is good news for families on a budget as well as students returning to university.

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"Unfortunately, it is once again fresh produce creeping up in price which is not good news for both shoppers' health and wealth.

"The news that the same basket of goods costs £1.81 more on average in September 2017 compared to 2016 shows that it is more important than ever for shoppers to do their research to get the best value for money."

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