Asda staff rescue toddler with head stuck in potty

Ronnie Watkins had apparently decided to wear the product as a hat


A small boy got his head stuck in a supermarket potty seat.

Ronnie Watkins, two, was having a nice time with mum Claire and sister Isla at an Asda branch in Greenhithe, south east London, when he decided to wear the product as a hat.

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The a routine shopping trip was suddenly made much more exciting the inquisitive youngster landed himself in the predicament.

Ronnie was very happy about the impending purchase of the new seat for his potty. And, being a two-year-old, he insisted that he'd keep hold of it while his mum picked up the family groceries.

But he wedged it on his head.

Asda staff help toddler stuck in potty

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Claire, 41, told Kent Live : "He put it on his head like a hat and I did not think that it would be possible for his head to fit through the hole.

"I turned my head for a split second to speak to my five-year-old daughter and when I looked back it was around Ronnie's neck.

"I thought it would just lift off, but it wouldn't. The Asda staff were great and one male member of staff rushed off to get some butter.

"We put some on Ronnie's ears and smoothed it around the seat in the hope that it would slide off, but it wouldn't.

"Ronnie became distressed so a female member of staff gave him a cookie which he was happy about.

"We were taken off of the shop floor and into a staff training room where the male member of staff found a tool to cut through the tough plastic.

"Eventually he was able to cut all the way through the plastic and Ronnie was free."

Ronnie was upset that his head was stuck, but he was soon freed, and the drama isn't likely to leave him traumatised.

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